Tuesday, February 2, 2010

More Joy.

today's good.half good. now i know why i've been tormented by the 3D people.its really good.

failed to get an acoustic today, but most certainly tomorrow.got a scrunchy for music purpose today too.heh.

i'm all protein conscious nowadays, trying my very best for mass gain and to rub away the skinny figure of mine.ate like an elephant, grow like a human.

listening to elders talking about life has become one of my hobbies.as in real elders, people who are leavin' this life. and i'm just starting out my future. lemme translate what my contented granny said

"you can pay your dues with any job in life, its whether you can 'pia'."

my gram sold chai kueh.

Dont wake up one day, feeling old and grumpy.


Dreamtheater's Octavarium

Friday, January 22, 2010


Two ladies forgot their credit cards at the counter.

I went into the cinema to give it to one.

I waited till the show finish at 2am to give it to the other.

"...oh...she must be lovely."

"..yeah she is."

L.A. Guns' Ballad Of Jayne

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Spent Force

working certainly feels great.at times they are boring.there's a saying 'music is the only way where you'll have fun and get paid for it'.

mmmhmm.it depends on the interest of the person really.No?

I help people for their happy times in the cinema.they thank me.there are people that I'll fight till the last to give them a good day.

Gotta admit nothing feels better than make people smile and bring out the little gleams in their heart.

that mall by the sea would be my Pride and Joy.yeah...happy moments.even strolling by myself everyday makes me cheered.=)

every post would from now on be included with a track.you'll do good to play it anywhere, youtube or your playlist.cheers mates.

Joe Satriani's Just Look Up

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Good day, Earth.

The air has never felt this fresh
The skies sounded warm
More homely has the Nutshell become.


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Books Of Carnage

Woohoo.Time off a bit, so I decided to load up some pictures. The exam heat is on, and it's so much earlier compared to SPM last time. At least i only have four subjects to aim on, i'm not much of a multitasking person.heh.Anyway there's always time for fun and the man himself. Enjoyed Rock Kapak at PSDC and MU-Arsenal at Kayu gave a really ball dropping time.

Thats the work place cum bed, you see, the pages have already started invading my resting place.

More invasion. Theory Workbook Grade 6. Ahha.

Maybe. You wouldn't wanna know what's on that. thats what organic chemistry looks like.

The Orange Tower! Vitamin C is important to keep you healthy

I love Jamaican Almond Fudge

Of course, my favourite coffee lady. stretches the night.

And hey, this is one of the best cereals i've eaten.high recommendation.some UK stuff.

Another night stretcher, Boh Cameronian Gold Blend

Random.It shall stay that way.


ROOCKKK KAAAAPPAAAK! make's me wanna jam Child In Time

Eh, anybody recognise this? i cant recognise the signature.found it on my Form 3 drawing block.
Nostalgic.Looks like Jon's writing.but can't recognise the signature.


Solitary Shell.

The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

~Stopping By The Woods On A Snowy Evening, Frost.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Final Cut For A Cause Long Forgotten

The time has come again, to face the exam blues. not likely to post anything till the end of the year.i blame on exams and time management. actually absent for 2 months already. nevermind, disregarding this posty, its gonna be 5.nothings like ninja.

talking about ninja.one of my favourite cartoon series came alive this summer.

Yeah, G.I. Joe that is.awesome movie, they really made it so beautifully after all these years.
exam means less movie.sigh. could be my last already although i'll love watching District 9.less or nil theatre hang outs.

And oh football season starting at the shittiest time. ahh.I wanna watch Rooney banging in goals.EPL gonna be more exciting without CR7 because he's too predictable already.everybody's watching him. i wanna catch those new guys, MU's Federico Macheda and Zoran Tosic, Arsenal's Vermaelen and Arshavin. Torres gives a good show too. and all those 'semangat' moments in a hot football match.


Subjects. let me get high here for awhile. I'll be banging Chemistry, Maths, Biology and Pengajian Am.

The cruelest for me would be Chem. let's see, i've got

Physical Chem
Stuffs on matter, structures of atoms, chemical bondings
Phase Equilibrium
Acid Base Equilibrium
Reaction Kinetics

Organic Chem
Hydroxy Compounds
Amides, Acyl Chlorides, Esters
Aldehydes and Ketones
Carboxylic Acids

Inorganic Chem
basically mostly all stuffs on the Periodic Tables.
Series and Sequences
Integration, Differentiation

All you can think of in humans
All you can think of in plants ( maybe more)
Ecology stuffs

Pengajian Am
Kenegaraan - which is like a mini lawbook with Malaysian history.
Isu Semasa

Okay.thats like not all.but the major and important part of the coming STPM.hell yeah.
organic chem is fun really.favourite stuff.then physical is kinda hard but i'm catching up.problems in Acid Base, equilibriums. totally havent touch Inorganic. then Maths is enjoyable and kinda like trivia for me.the only thing i struggle is to finish on time and memorising fornulaes, i have no doubt i can solve most of them if given my sweet time.too bad that's not the case.gotta sharpen up and think quick.problems in Vectors, graph sketchings, and things that gotta do with Log and Exponents. Bio is great.but miss lee kills my attention. too much of good is indeed bad. havent touch alot of Kenegaraan Book.okay with graphs.essays kinda screwy.

Overall, the toughy would be Chemistry.priority on that.i've gotta make my Organic invincible and Physical moderate to nail it.Maths needs practice. laziness kills me.Maths is like guitar really.you feel you could, but you cant.that feeling. Bio is story book. much like History in form 5.man.Memory flexing. PA is okay.gotta read up kenegaraan , thats all.

Overall, i could see 4As on the reach.Bs would be okay, but B's are b*tches, bollocks, bast*rds, buffoons.i dont like them.So its time for me to make the final cut.the push needed. in a few months time, i would be spreading jam on my bread while looking at my result slip.I want to enjoy my jam sandwich.

and hey they gave Aung San Suu Kyi another 1.5 years house arrest. what happened to compassion and love?

burmese democracy

Okay, till then in December.
My Last Stand
Keep on rockin'.
Stay hungry stay foolish

~It's not how fast you run, it's how fast you improve

p.s. check out file factory. great peace piece by Marvin Gaye

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Rockmas Salvation

Terminator Salvation is a movie to watch if humans are to know themselves better.recently watched on a fateful 4th of June.

At first i thought its gonna be a movie full of bullets and ricochets of it plus big budget explosions, all that you can expect from a film titled Terminator.And yeah, it does give it's portion of adrenaline to your blood but there's more to it.Try it people..I'm not gonna spoil[maybe i'm gonna a bit].Salvation of the human race.

I do wonder why are we living our lives.wat are you doing behind those pair of eyes and body tissues. If without the artistic values and feelings and such, totally based on reasonings, cause and effect its rather questionable why we live our lives. if i we're to Bio it, i would be living to reproduce so that my kind will sustain, Chemically i would be a bunch of molecules interchanging with those around me.and in Physics, I would be just some stardust considering the evolution of space which i dun really read up a lot on after primary.

So what's human's creed?What do we live for?as we've come across, theres lots of people out there claiming they're happy, the longer they live the happier they are, perhaps.or some finds happiness by being rich, wth...but i wouldnt mind to have some extra cash to get a Dunlop Crybaby=].I do sometimes think there's logic if you've grown up hard and poor, then yeah it would be a joy to have all the extra dough.As we cant see, some people would be in really hard position and in the shithole of their lives while you and me are scrolling down Facebook happily.I totally have no offence about that.just trying to put contrast, but if you think more on it surely there's something about it.

But the main point is the purpose of our existence. there's no total explanation to this, some say they exist for God, some for their ambitions, to see the world before they die and all that.Strike me with your points on why we exist.

And I got a big believe that it all comes down to believe.And what we're doing are all believes.you're reading this page because you believe there's something to salvage here.People go Facebook because they believe it's fun and socially helpful.We're civilised because we believe in systems and such.Mao Zhedong is communist because he believed in it.People listen to rock because they're rockers*. Criminal does crime because they believe there's something in their mind about it to it.

This leads to the doubt about what's suppose to be right and wrong.righteousness and wrongdoings are therefore redundant.as said, people doing things are because of believes in it, so whats suppose to be right or wrong are ultimately down to their sane mind.Our society's the one branding what's compatible with it and what's not,thus right and wrong.So if there's certain sides that dont have the aligned thinking then they are outcasted.this can be applied anywhere,country politics, crimes etc. i wanna give a particular example as in musically, most people today digs mainstream poppy lala acts and emo bands and says they are better than the noisy music we rockers listen to, and its like they have screwed up their mind with those sell outs.I'm opinionated here actually.I'm pretty freakin sure if you're a great music listener, you wont be screwed there.It's all related, if you find something synergizes with yourselves, then that's that, its neither right nor wrong...just that.They are relative. So it's Jeesus' theory of relativity.

And then there's God.I'm not gonna talk much bout religion here.Just keep in mind first, I've got nothing against religion or surpreme beings.right down to believes still. check out this talk on God by Wheen.
The openness there is great.i've yet to give my two cents on religion in this blog la. But I really like the line in wheen's post:'
Dogs do not worship a God yet they don't rip each others balls off'. Juicy. that say's a lot on the role of God in our lives, do we really need God to be morally managed?Dont get me wrong, I've got some great people around me who are worshipers.So our existence, relativity of right and wrong and religion are believes in our own rights. we do feel ourselves in our lives, so dont worry.Continue living. Our feelings and sense of emotions are the one thing that makes this existence feels like a rock gig.So cherish.

Salvation of humans.Salvation of rock.